Sunday, 13 May 2007

Long time No post!

So my last post was all the way back in January. A whole 4 months ago, it just shows how quickly time flys by and more so as you get older.

Not much has happened in the last 4 months. There has been alot of birthdays and social gatherings, the biggest one would be the trip to amsterdam for a weekend. What a great time we all had, the main thing that happened was we all got drunk and some of us got high and we all shared the same bed at some point on the trip lol. I would go into more detail but this is more of a recap. But basically in short I have been getting drunk quite alot recently :-)

I also left my job at staples. Mainly because I wasn't happy in the way the place was being run and because I wasn't getting enough hours. I now have got a job at blockbuster on oldbrook so it is much closer and I get 10 free rentals a week. Yes thats right 10!! heh

So the past week has had its ups and downs. I have completed alot of my college work and hopefully I will have my portfolio all finished and done for its deadline, there is only 10weeks of the course left! And I started at Blockbuster which has been great quite alot easier than Staples which makes a change. One of the bad things this week is that my neighbour lost her long-term battle with cancer and unfortunately passed away. So for that RIP.

And on a lighter note I went out on saturday night with some of the lads from college. We started off in Old Spoons and progessed to yates, buddia blue and revs. And we had a lucky night and didn't pay to go into anywhere and we was with some quite hot girls so everyone was happy. I was drinking mainly Beer and Sambuca shots. I left a bit earlier at about 1.00am and I walked to the point to get a taxi as it wasn't so busy there and I sat at the bike locks and fell asleep sitting down. It wasn't until some random person woke me up I realised I had been asleep lol. I got a taxi home for only £3 so it was a good night!

As for today. I didn't do much as I didn't have work til 5. So I bummed around most of the day until I had work. Thats about it on my update.



Sunday, 7 January 2007

Music and Alcohol: The Best Mix

So for like the last two nights I have been out listened to music, got drunk and partying! Its been good. Friday night I went to the pitz with Kester to see a few bands play. The Gents where on and they played pretty good. And I got drunk, moshed a bit and then walked home. And to Saturday, didn't do much all day just chilled. And then Deejay came around at about 7.30 to pick me up for marks party. Then we went to tescos and got some booze! Then we kinda got lost on heelands because of all the fucking right hand turns XD. We got into mark and his family welcomed us in and where really nice. To start with the party was a bit slow as there wasn't many people there. But once there were a few more people and we had some good old alcohol in us it was great. The CD that Tom made was really good and got everybody dancing and stuff which was good. By the end of the night everyone was quite drunk. Me and deejay left about 12.30. When I got in I had to walk the dog what was funny.

Today I had work. It was rubbish really busy and just a bore which is just the usual.

Anyways thats all!


Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Live for Today!

The last two days have been exactly the same. And I knew they would be because life is so predictable nowadays. I wake up, walk the dog, clean up the house, maybe go out for about 30mins or so, go on the computer/laptop and then go to work, come home, walk dog, eat dinner, go on computer/laptop and then go to bed. I used to like it when things just happened. But of late things have been going into a routine, and I don't like it. Life is getting boring. Theres a song by 3 Doors Down called "Live for today" and the Chorus goes:

And god only knows all the places ive been
But i love this life that i'm living in
I wont look back to regret yesterday
Were not handed tomorrow so i'll live for today

And that chorus says basically how we should lead life. Not in some routine but just take each day as it comes and have fun. Like it was in the summer with the dudes at the scout hut and the partys!

Thoughs were good times


Monday, 1 January 2007

Another New Year!

Its been a while since I last updated my blog! Kinda lost track of it and once you do that its hard to get back on track. I had a great Xmas and a Good New Year. For New Year kester come around and we watched the american football which was great. Eagles Won so we win our Division. Been talking to Deejay this evening and we spoke about the Londish gathering and how we should go in Feb and I am up for it so it should be cool to meet some people from the center!

Had a good new years day. Just chilled out for the day. Couldn't ask for much else.

Anyways Happy New Year Everyone!


Thursday, 30 November 2006

My Birthday...

Well Today I was born, 18 years ago of course. It started off as a good day. My mother woke me up with an egg and bacon sandwich. Ahh don't you just love mums! Got to college had a pretty good day at college during lunch we all went to the pub down the road and I brought my 1st legal pint! (John Smiths) When back to college and finished my bay. When I got home there was all baloons and banners on the front of the house saying 18. Then onto the presents, I got my TV from my parents, also they brought me a tiger eye necklace and my sister got the matching braclet which is well nice. And my grandad got me a new monitor. As for from other members of the family/friends I have had money, beer and gift cards what else could a guy want aye? lol

After getting cleaned up and dressed we went to Jasmine Cottage for chinese. It was lovely enjoyed it all. My mum brought a birthday cake and gave it to the people without me knowing and I was sitting there and then I heard "Happy Birthday To You!" singing lol. Quite funny.

After we walked my mum and sister home, Me, my dad and grandad walked to the pub got a few rounds in got a bit drunk and walked home.

Got in fell asleep and that was my birthday!


Monday, 27 November 2006


So like today has been a normal day. Woke up, walked the dog. Went out and payed the £150 into my bank accounts. Most of it has disappeared now though as I brought a load of xmas presents for family so that lasted long... It makes you realise the value of money and that £150 ain't really that much, £10 here, £20 there and it goes just like that, disappears lol. Anyways haven't done a great deal today just cleaned my dads car out while listening to the Audioslave album that Deejay let me borrow, I had it blasting out the car so loud when our postman come up the driveway he was like WTF? and gave me a funny look lol. Deejays Jackie Chan dvd come today "Fists of Anger" I am sure he'll let me borrow it after he has watched it and I have give him back the others I am borrowing. Other than that just tidyed the house up, put on some washing and watched this new anime that marshall gave me. Its called Black Lagoon and its really good and interesting. I like it so much that I made a new Sig of it for the Center

Also I thought I would make myself more active on the Center. I used to be a regular poster on the center and the vertex but for some reason I just stopped? Don't know why but I am putting that right now anyways. Now I think I might go and watch Police story.

Like 2days til my 18th woot!


Sunday, 26 November 2006

Ill and Extremely Tired

Well I got in at like 1:15am last night from Video Games Live. I wasn't feeling too good on the train back. I got to bed at about 1.30am and I couldn't sleep properly I kept waking up with stomach pains. When I woke up this morning I knew I couldn't go to work, I am really bunged up and feel rather shitty and really tired. So I called up work to let them know I wouldn't be in. This morning a bloke come around to look at my PSP I had for sale. He was really happy with it and gave me 150 quid for it so I am quite happy with that. For the rest of the day I just caught up on some sleep, played a bit of Smackdown Vs Raw 07. Helped my dad do some stuff and did my blogs!

I also put my old hoody on my dog! He looks well funny.

"Safe Blut" quoted from Rocky the Dog 26.11.06

Peace lol